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Welcome to the #LOVEADDICT Tribe!

In her debut memoir, Cyrkle exposes her dysfunctional patterns in romantic relationships. Because she was in love with the idea of being in love, she altered herself to be liked. She was not confident enough to be her authentic self because she feared rejection, even from men who were unworthy of having access to her heart. Cyrkle didn't learn to protect her spirit, mentality and body until after she discovered the void in her life. She once found her significance in the pursuit, and often illusion of love. Now, after discovering her true value, being beautifully human, she is better able to set boundaries and navigate all of her relationships - professional, platonic and romantic. If you find that you are addicted to love, in this book you will find wisdom to break free from your addiction.

After much excitement and anticipation, #LOVEADDICT | A Memoir the eBook has finally arrived! After it's original release, the book sold out in weeks. Now you may easily download it today and enjoy reading this page-turner anywhere and on any type of device.

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#LOVEADDICT is available for purchase in paperback or eBook.
The eBook version of the book is available on most eReader platforms including Kindle!

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#LOVEADDICT | The Movement

Highly acclaimed by industry critics and audiences alike, #LOVEADDICT is a heartfelt story of self discovery from dysfunctional patterns in relationships to the triumph of learning to embrace forgiveness and the highest form of self-love. The story takes the reader on a journey to find significance that is guaranteed to help and inspire every reader. This top-selling book is  now available digitally and available anytime. Simply fill out your information below to download your own copy today!

More than a book - it's a movement! Women all over the country are joining and using this book to help reclaim their mission to love themselves through healing from past hurt and trauma and embrace the ultimate love affair with oneself! Join the conversation, listen and subscribe to Love Addict - The Podcast with Cyrkle B.

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